First of all what is Gluten? And why is it not just an issue with those who are blatantly intolerant? 

Well, Gluten is a highly acid-forming protein found in wheat products. It is difficult to digest, void of nutrients, creates inflammation in the body, and can lead to an assortment of bodily discomforts, both emotionally and physically debilitating.

The list of autoimmune diseases worsened or brought on by the presence of inflammation in the body is a long one, think; Cancer, Arthritis, Celiacs, Crohns, Eczema, Lupus, Psoriasis, Leaky Gut...the list goes on. Leaky Gut is an especially attractive and common side effect of too much Gluten/Inflammation in the GI tract, eating large quantities of acidic foods can lead to the corrosion of your intestines, which in turn will allow things like yeast, bacteria, viruses and large food particles to 'leak' into your blood stream....mmm, how much do you love your morning oatmeal now? 

Not to mention in the presence of inflammation comes malabsorption of nutrients from any other actually nutritious foods you eat. So, incorporating 'healthy' whole grains into your otherwise health conscious Organic diet, is quite frankly, the opposite. Why spend that top dollar price for quality produce and organic meats, if you are literally making it impossible for your body to absorb all the vitamins and minerals from those nutrient rich foods by coating your intestinal tract with gummed up grain byproduct? We need to pick a side, and I think it's pretty obvious which side would win this tug of war.  Having a healthy digestive system is one of the singular most important factors to good health, that is why I am so passionate about digestive enzymes and probiotics in the forms of raw or fermented foods, and supplementation if nothing else. You have to keep your belly happy.

"Gluten Free" has indeed become all the rage these days, there's even an entire isle dedicated to Gluten Free packaged goods/pastas/flours/snacks in most supermarkets now. But this is not news to me, as I've been shopping in the GF sections of the grocery store for some time now, ya know, like, the fresh produce and meat departments? It's mind boggling to see what we've replaced the Gluten in our diets with, of course these products are in demand, we are so accustomed to eating wheat all day long (cereals for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, cookies and crackers for snacks and pizza or pastas for dinner) that any GF company with any sense is going to box up a flour substitution free from Gluten and call it better for you. Because the idea of a whole foods diet, made up of fresh vegetables, fruits, quality meats, nuts/seeds is a bit too intimidating for most of us to encompass. Here we are loading our carts up with Brown Rice Pasta and Quinoa Flakes like it's been the long awaited answer to our now prevalent Gluten issue, when the answer has been there all along in the aforementioned produce section, we are just too lazy and busy to take notice...guess what people, those GF substitutes are no better for you than their Gluten laden originals on the aspect of nutritional value, there's really no 'win' here. Sure, you're avoiding the main culprit, but you aren't replacing it with a better value, just the same old garbage that'll fill your aching belly but deliver next to nothing in the micro/macronutrient department....not to mention all the same old refined sugars and omega-6 rich oils that are in your box of GF brownie mix and bag of Organic Corn Flakes, see what I'm saying? A rose by any other name type of situation...

So let's not be fooled, pull the wool from your eyes and JUST EAT REAL FOOD.

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